Algorithmic Trading

We provide a simple way to build, test and go live with your algorithmic trading strategy

How it Works

Simple 3 step process

Build Strategy

KEEV enables users to quickly develop strategies without any programming.

You can create millions of strategies with combinations of over 60+ technical indicators for 2000+ trading symbols.

Test & Optimise

Validate your strategy using historical data and evaluate its performance on more than 20+ metrics.

Furthermore, you can optimise with help of KEEV Engine to get the best result for your strategy

Virtual & Live

Examine strategies in the live market with virtual money.
Go live with real money on one click with help of our supported brokers


Our Features

Let us tell you what's new 



KEEV Canvas helps you visualise your strategy



Backtest 40+ combination in one go


Know Your Strategy

Evaluate strategies on metrics and transactions


Multiple Brokers

We have integrated top brokers for trade execution

Watch Video Presentation

Our no coding Algorithm Trading Platform makes 

About Us

Who are We

We make algorithmic trading simple for you. Usually, you might need to invest in infrastructure and write tons of code to perform any kind of algorithmic trading. But with us, you can do all this in a few clicks on our dashboard. Because at KEEV we will help to unleash the immense power of trading and combine it with market data and information sourced from various platforms and brokers.

That's not all, we also help you backtest and optimise your trade strategies. As we understand that, unless you do your own research or get a scientific explanation for the recommendation made by an industry expert, you would choose to stay away from the markets. To satiate this curiosity, we bring you user-friendly algorithm trading platform

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